Interested in Playing a Sport Club?

All players interested in playing a sport club must contact the club president for information regarding eligibility requirements, practices, try-outs, etc. President contact information can be found by searching for that particular club viaOrgSync, visiting our club contacts page, or visiting that specific clubs page (see links below).

Sign-up for a Sport Club:

First, contact the club president to learn about try-outs and team requirements. All Chico State students who would like to participate on a Chico State Sport Club team MUST fill out a Membership application (via OrgSync under the forms section), and be approved through the Sport Club Department. This MUST be done prior to any pre-season or regular season participation - no exceptions. Chico State students will not be eligible to participate in Sport Clubs without completing the membership application, and being approved by the Sport Club Department.

Collegiate Sport Clubs:

Sport Clubs is an organized competitive sports league that will send you out to compete with other universities. Students can participate in competitive sports that range from hockey, ultimate, lacrosse, rugby, water polo, soccer, volleyball, waterski, and many other exciting opportunities! In season, teams practice and play an average of four to five times per week. The commitment made by a competitive club participant is closer to that of varsity athletics.

Collegiate Sport Clubs Mission Statement:

The Collegiate Sport Clubs Program provides students the opportunity to participate in competitive sports against other intercollegiate teams and represent Chico State, as a means to enhance their collegiate experience and provide a vehicle for a well-rounded education through physical, social, and leadership development. 


Chico State identifies Collegiate Sport Clubs as student-run organizations formed by a group of fee-paying students college-age or above, voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interests in a physical activity through participation and competition, recognized by the University through Recreational Sports and the Student Life and Leadership office.

Chico State students have the opportunity to enhance their college experience by participating with any of the 19 competitive sport clubs offered. Leadership opportunities include club administration, scheduling, budgeting, and fundraising. Most clubs are open to all experience levels - novice to seasoned expert, with some sport clubs offering try-outs. 

Sport Clubs vs. Intramurals

Sport Clubs regularly participate in scheduled practices and employ part-time coaches. Intramurals are teams of students competing against other student within Chico State, while Sport Club teams compete against other schools across California and the nation. This differs from Intramurals, which do not offer coaching, regular organized practices, or travel for competition.

Competitive Sport Clubs focus on competition against other colleges. These clubs are required to have paid coaches. In season, teams practice and play an average of four to five times per week. The commitment made by a competitive club participant is closer to that of varsity athletics. Clubs include:


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